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What I’m doing now...

Conversations with Kai

Inspired by true events, Conversations with Kai is much more than a book; it's an epic adventure of self-discovery and transformation, destined to forever reshape readers perception of the human experience in the age of AI.

JP LIang Book Cover Illustration.jpg

Tao Te Ching

I lead an informal study group for people to meet, discuss, share and help each other for spiritual growth. We use Tao Te Ching as a starting point and are open to any other teachings, such as those from Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Lao Tzu...etc. and life experiences and wisdom from within each one of us.

tao te ching.png

YiQi (One Breath) Calligraphy

As an artist, I combine Chinese calligarphy brushes and sometimes, AI tools to explore the art of wu-wei. Using styles from One Breath Calligraphy - I paint things that are impossible to paint - rooted in the beauty of not-knowing so I can channel the one true creative spirit, prior to thought.


Owl City Ventures

As an angel investor and startup advisor, I work with socially responsible start-ups on ventures that reduce suffering and put humanity first. Portfolio companies include: SolaceVR, The Nearness, Ettitude, Journey, Tribute, Harvie, Phoenix Fund, and more.



Leadership4Kids creates kid-friendly journals to inspire and empower kids through self-discovery. I AM A LEADER is the #1 best-selling leadership journal for kids trusted by many school districts and non-profit youth organizations to support their SEL programs.

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